Read Only, Pre-Paid Smart Meters or Standalone PLC for your Holiday Park. Our custom Service Pedestals offer excellent choice...

With a read-only meter you can aquire one reading per installed socket, but choosing Smart-Card metering adds the ability to generate a tap reading for each socket too, available up to 4 meters per pedestal.

For even greater on-site metering flexibility our Standalone PLC metering integration delivers up to 8 services of Electricity. Combined with a choice of multiple payment options, Coin, Token or Contactless card - pedestals can be digitally linked centrally to your Reception team for easy management.

Project Managed Installation?

With a wealth of experience in managing supply for Holiday Park environments alongside installations & ongoing maintenance, our team offer truly bespoke metering solutions across mobile homes, camping & touring sites.

All MHPS metering solutions are manufactured and rigorously tested in-house & in conjunction with our technology partners. Only ever using quality components to ensure excellent in-life service delivery.

With extensive leisure industry experience we can tailor any metering solution to suit your needs, across pedestals to emergency service equipment and even lighting, digital & communication.

We help Holiday & Touring Parks deliver straightforward metering solutions on-site for their customers...

MHPS deliver cost-effective, lasting, Hook-Up unit & Pedestal Networking, Control & Management across a wide range of metering requirements.

From pitch power & water management for caravan & motorhome touring parks to chalet or static caravan hook-up, the team at MHPS have the knowledge, experience and skill to deliver exactly the right service pedestal metering solutions for your needs.

World class remote metering pedestal solutions from MHPS. Take control of metering & switching for your pontoon services...

With our systems you can switch & meter up to 8 services per pedestal, with additional features available to allow your customers even greater control of their usage through App, PIN or RFID Card.

Make delivery of utilities within your Marina more efficient with smart pedestal networking from MHPS.

Marina operators can benefit from interactive pedestal operation and status monitoring, with global management of pedestal services.
From internet access, TV and telephony to electricity & water consumption, you can take control remotely, from anywhere you can access a web browser....including mobile devices!


Benefit from straightforward remote metering, switching & enhanced control for customers through the intuitive Triton integration from MHPS. Marina managers can access and control pedestal delivered services from anywhere, including PC, Mac and mobile devices.

Straightforward management of electricity & water usage. Monitoring and control through real-time, interactive Marina map. Manage any additional services, create user login & access profiles or view historical records of user activity.

In addition to managing rates and prepaid card recharge, easily generate invoices and create data import or export tasks for integration with existing Marina software systems.

Interactive Maps for Pedestal Operation

TRITON software delivers

Instant Marina Utility Metrics

Straightforward Control Panel

Daily & monthly consumption

Easily monitor Electricity...


Measure accumulated use

Control Water Consumption


complete common operations

Create detailed reports

Easily Create Custom Reporting

Secure Client Database

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