Looking for a Power Pedestal that offers an IP66 dust-tight, weatherproof rating?

Our NEO range of service pedestals offers a uniquely designed, tiered LED lighting head unit, combined with marine grade anodised & laquered 3mm thick pedestal body shell.
Built primarily for the Marina market, the Neo is equally suited to Holiday & Leisure parks. To house electricity, water and metering provision, the NEO has several, separate, internally IP66 sealed compartments to ensure security for electrical supply, RCD/RCBO, digital metering or communication components.

Discover Neo

From world class remote metering & switching, to IK10 Impact Protection, the NEO offers outstanding performance...

NEO Service Pedestals offer the option of linked PLCs for integration or access from existing administration systems, with provision for remote switch & meter for up to 8 services per pedestal. The NEO range can deliver a host of additional features, allowing your customers even greater control of services, across electricity, water & communications through a host of interface choices, including App, PIN or RFID Card.

Remote Switching for NEO Pedestals
IP66 NEO for Marina Power Pedestals