Original Pedestal

The Original Pedestal was designed some 20+ years ago and still a popular product. This pedestal is the ideal solution for marinas on a budget.

Manufactured from an internal galvanised steel chassis which is encased by two UV stabilised foamex material shells. These shells come in a range of colours including blue, green, white and red.

The Original Pedestal comes complete with a lighting diffuser and lid. You can then choose to have this fitted with either Photocell Controlled Standard Lighting or Photocell Controlled LED Lighting.

The Original Pedestal's base is ideal for mounting on all types of decking.  Ground Mounting Bases are available for land based installations.

Options >>>

  • From 16amp Sockets up to 125amp Three Phase Socket
  • Water Outlets up to 1”
  • Lockable Sockets
  • Lockable Reset Flaps
  • TV / Telephone / Internet Points
  • Ground Mounting Base
  • Read Only Metering
  • Card Metering
  • Smart Card Systems
  • RFID Metering
  • LED Lighting
  • LED Deck Lighting

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