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RMCS MeterPay System

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Read Only Meters

Read only meters are a cost effective addition to Marina Pedestals. They monitor the units of electric consumed by a socket. By taking the end reading from the start reading you can calculate the amount of electric used.

Smart Card Metering

RMCS offer a Smart Card metering solution for electricity. The user is issued with an intelligent smart card which is charged with credit via an electronic read/write head in the office. The card is then inserted into the meter where credit is removed and taken back to the office and any available credit refunded. This type of metering has the ability to service one electrical socket and one water tap with the capability of four meters per pedestal.

Standalone PLC Metering

RMCS has developed its own range of standalone metering for use in any location. Each pedestal is equipped with its own PLC. From this PLC we can control up to 8 services of water and electricity. Water can either be set as a litre or gallon option and electricity can either be set as kwh or a time option. Payment methods can be coin, token or contactless card technology.

This system has the ability to be linked together to be controlled via an office dependent upon site conditions either by radio, GSM or Ethernet connection.

Remote Metering and Switching Solutions

RMCS have developed two different types of remote metering solutions as we appreciate each project is different and has different budgets.

Remote Switching and Metering

Using industry proven technology and hardware RMCS uses an IP addressable PLC in each pedestal. This will switch and meter up to 8 services per pedestal. The system is then linked together via a simple 2 core cable either hardwired back to the office up to 1.5km or via a access point and Ethernet.

A simple office based front end allows control and meter reading of each individual pitch for water and electricity. This reporting can either be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Electrical supplies up to 250amps water can be controlled via this simple and very cost effective solution. A simple click of the mouse gives instant readings for electricity and water which can then be simply printed off in the form of an invoice and passed to the berth holder.

This type of metering is ideal for smaller caravan sites and provides a cost effective solution for switching and metering efficiently.

Remote Metering, Switching and Customer Control

Similar to the above system RMCS smart metering allows individual berth holders control. Using state of the art hardware a PLC is located on the marina at different locations. The system has a HMI touchscreen which through a 4 digit pin allows berth holders to switch on/off services as well as checked usage in currency or value. As the system is IP addressable each PLC can be addressed by office software to override users and produce simple billing.

This type of system can be used in conjunction with an RFID card for further security and other items such as gate entry, toilet blocks etc.

RFID Metering – Medousa System

After experiencing a growth in requests from many clients for bespoke packages to meter water and electricity, RMCS developed a metering system incorporating an RFID card/tag in conjunction with a 4 inch touch screen to control services. This RFID system can control up to eight services, supply water and electricity, and work independently, as well as linked together to allow full marina operator control.

This system is currently installed in more than 200 electrical pedestals for the prestigious Msida Marina development in Malta.

 The Medousa system also has the ability to be retro-fitted to any service pedestal as an after-market product. Due to its slender design a simple alteration to pedestal and internal wiring is all that is required at little cost, thus providing the marina operator revenue from electricity and water that wasn’t available before.