Lighting Solutions

Pedestal Lighting

All of our Power Pedestals have the option to have lighting in them.  We offer a standard energy saving option and also an LED option.  The lighting is controlled via a photocell to ensure hassle free usage. 

Lighting Pedestals

All of our Pedestals can be utilised as Lighting Pedestals.  This then enables the marina owner to keep all pedestals looking identical.  Again we offer standard 18watt energy saving light or 4 watt LED Lighting.  As an addition option we offer LED down light which is underneath the lighting head and this shines down in the front or rear of the pedestal and shines on to the ground creating a lighted area in front of the pedestal. 

In-deck Lighting

LED Deck lights can be installed flush into the deck/pontoon to create a vibrant luminous effect.  We have various different types of in-deck LED lights in different colours and finishes.

Flood Lighting

Rollins Marine has introduced a range of architectural light fittings and columns for use around marina facilities.  Ranging in height from 5 metre to 10 metre they can be used to enhance dark areas on site as well as to provide additional security in storage compounds.  

Navigational Lighting

We have a range of Navigational Lighting ranging from a basic 4 metre column standard bulk head lights through to a range of solar powered 5 nautical mile  nM lightings mounted on foldable columns that conform to current regulations.

Pier Identification Lighting

In order to facilitate the needs of larger marinas and also the large numbers of marinas increasing in size, we have introduce a line of Pier Identification Pedestals using our Sterling Range of Pedestals.  The standard height is 2 metres with a clear Perspex front plate.  These can be illuminated using standard lighting or LED lighting depending on the customer requirements.

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