Emergency Services

Marina staff are very often the only ones available to fight boat fires on their marina during those first critical minutes after the discovery of an emergency. Therefore, RMCS offer a number of solutions to assist with this ranging from our budget SOS Station to our Fire Cart.

Budget SOS Station

Our Budget SOS Station consists of a Fire Box which houses a 6kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher.  On the other side of the Station is a 30” Lifebuoy.  A Throw Line can also be added to this. 

Platinum SOS Pedestal

Our specially designed Platinum SOS Pedestal has the strength and durability of our Platinum Pedestal but for the SOS version we have made the Pedestal wider to allow it to house a number of emergency equipment items.  The Platinum SOS Pedestal has the option to add Photocell Controlled Standard Lighting or LED Lighting.

Fire Cart

The Instant Response Fire Cart has been designed for use as a first response to fires in the marina environment. Using sea water and not dependant on piped in water, it can quickly be manoeuvred, set up, and run by one person, to effectively deliver high-pressure water, with an optional mix of fire retardant foam, at high volume, (up to 420 litres per minute, some 4 ½ times the volume of a standard fire hose reel).

The environmental friendly mixture of foam is especially suited for fires fuelled by fuel, plastics and fibreglass, which are often the case in marina fires. 

Available accessories include: fire axe and grapnel hook.

Options >>>

  • 6kg Dry Power Fire Extinguisher
  • 30” Lifebuoy
  • Throw Line
  • First Aid Kid
  • Audible and Visual Beacon with Alarm Sounder
  • Call Point
  • Fire Axe
  • Emergency Telephone

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